Intimacy With You

Dear Lord, cultivate in us hearts of worship. Allow us Lord to know You intimately, more deeply than we could ever imagine. Pour your spirit out upon us that we might be a vessel used by You and for Your glory. You are hol, oh God. Sacred and sovereign. Prepare us for the things ever before us. Lay on our hearts the matters of Your heart, gives us desires for ourselves that mirror Your desires for us. Fulfill every desire of our hearts and give us every good and perfect gift.

All these things in Jesus’ Name.



Chasing After You

Father God, you are a Holy God. The only wise God. We love you. We worship you. We come seeking Your will today for our lives. We bow before Your throne of grace, asking that You would forgive us our sins and remove any unrighteousness found within us.

Lord God, your name is above all other names. Your will is above every other will. Your Light is what we want to reflect. We are image-bearers for You. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Fully known and fully loved. You have given us the privilege of being joint-heirs with Christ. Oh Father that we would embrace such a high position. Lord God, that Your Word would live for us. Father in Heaven, I pray that the beat of Your Heart would be our life’s pursuit and passion. I pray Lord that we as Your people who are called by Your name would live for you. That we would run this race and not look back That our eyes would be on the prize, which is in Christ Jesus and that You would be exalted in all that we do. 

Father this is my heart – for myself, my family, my people, my people in You. That our whole lives would be Yours. That all that we say and all that we do be done with hearts bent on honoring You. That we would pursue You passionately, with our lives. Lord I pray for each of  Your people that we truly learn and live out the instruction to worship You in spirit and in truth.

Give us understanding, Father. Give us wisdom. Make us wise in YOUR sight.

We come seeking Your face Lord. Desiring to know Your heart.  Hungering after You.Thirsting for You. Chasing You down. We wont stop until we find You, because Your Word promises that we WILL find You when we seek You with all our hearts.

Not our wills, Father, but Yours.

These and all things, in accordance with Your Will.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

His Sweetheart


It has been a while. I was not as ready as I thought to be on this site consistently. But as always, I come when I have something to give.

Let’s pray…


Thank you. Thank you Father for Your love.  Thank you for Your Son. Thank you for Your heart for us. We ask oh God right now that we might see more of You. We ask God to see Your power. We ask to feel your Spirit, to experience Your presence. We ask oh Lord to walk in Your annointing and to be allowed to serve You with our lives.

Please Father make our praise and worship acceptable in Your sight. We adore you Creator. We love you, Friend. We serve you, Master. We live for You alone.

Be glorified in us.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen

His Sweetheart

Prayer Focus January 5, 2009 – Selfless Prayer


We come before You humble and lowly, knowing that we can do nothing apart from You. Lord we know that nothing we accomplish is worth anything without Your love and approval. Father we come to You knowing that we cannot fast in our own strength. We come knowing that we will only succeed if You are our focus and our center. We ask that You put a hedge of protection around us, so that as we come before You and ask You to move in our behalf, satan might not be able to distract us or destroy our efforts. We want to please You, Father. We want to serve You. We want to honor You. Allow us to do so oh God. Give us wisdom, give us the right words. Put on our hearts the things in Your heart for us and our people.. Give us supernatural wisdom during this week so that we come before You asking what is in Your Will. Encamp angels at the entrances of our homes. Surround us oh Lord and protect us from the enemy. And then Father, protect our loved ones, our spouses and our children. Allow our intercession for them to keep satan and his minions at bay, in order that they have an opporunity to catch a glimpse of you for themselves and that their hearts may be softened just a little more to Your Wooing.

Move this week Lord in a way that only You can. We trust You and  we seek You and You alone.

We come Father not just for ourselves but also for eachother. We come today petitioning You for the salvation of the loved ones of all those who are praying and/or fasting with us. We come asking Lord that strong holds and chains, addictions and fears be ended this day. We come Lord knowing that is not  Your will that any should perish but that all should spend eternity with You. We ask oh Holy God that our husbands and wives and children and grandchildren and neices and nephews are saved. We Lord that none for whom we intercede be allowed to perish. We ask that  You woo them Lord until they can’t help themselves. Be the lover of their souls Daddy. For the man who thinks he’s made so many mistakes that You cannot possibly want him, make it plain that no matter the past You long to be his God too. For the woman who is so discouraged that she doesn’t see any reason to keep fighting for a man who rejects You at every turn, give her a passion and a fire in her belly to stand in the face of the evil one and claim the victory You have for her husband and family. For the man contemplating suicide, show him beyond a shadow of a doubt that his life is worth living. For the couple trying to figure out how to make ends meet, Lord prove that You ARE their source. For those couples who’s marriages are in such dissarray from poor stewardship, infidelity, dishonesty, disillusionment, fear , addiction, pornography, doubt, or shame from who they used to be, do a miraculous work. Fix the unfixable. Change the unchangeable. Love the unloveable. Save the unsaveable. Salvage that which is in unrecognizable shambles. Restore it so fully that, for an outsider looking in, there would seem to never have been a rift to begin with. We come on behalf of eachother asking God to see You work a new thing in our lives and our loved ones lives.

We ask these and all things, in accordance with Your good, perfect, pleasing will, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

His Sweetheart

New Year’s Day Prayer Focus: Purify Me

I will probably not be near a computer tomorrow so I am posting the New Year’s Day prayer focus before I leave work for the day.

Today’s  focus is Purify Me.

Today spend some time asking that the Lord would give you a pure heart and cleanse you of any unrighteousness so that you can draw closer to him.

Lord, give me a pure heart that I might worship You. Make me clean and blameless, holy in Your sight. Minister to me today and make my heart ready to receive all that You have to give to me. I love You, Lord and I worship  You.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Have a happy new year and enjoy the rest of this holiday season with your families!

His Sweetheart

2009 The Year of The Breakthrough

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this site, but now I’m ready to post more regularly here. I hope that this year has been a year where you’ve seen God’s hand in your life.

As we begin 2009, I would like to post prayer focuses consistently, most likely on a weekly basis. One of our most powerful weapons against Satan is a true relationship with the Father and that is only established by consistent intimate time with Him – thru prayer. That is really why this site was established at all, to open the door for people to build a relationship with the Father thru the vehicle of prayer.

That said, welcome and I pray that anyone who visits here is blessed by what the Lord leaves.

Now. Let’s get to it, shall we? :0)

I am posting the first focus on today, on the Eve of the New Year, so that we can enter into 2009 fresh and ready to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

It is my prayer that anyone who finds this blog and visits us consistently will find this to be a place where they can meet the Holy Spirit and draw closer to the Father.

Today’s focus is Release.

As you pray today give all that you have held on to this year over to Him. Release to Him all the stuff that you don’t want or need to take into a new year. Throughout this day consider what those things may be and as they come to mind pray that the Lord would take them from you and leave your inner room ready to receive the fruits of the spirit in place of the seeds of contention and frustration.

Lord, we come to you today asking for forgiveness of our sins and failures. We ask that You would prepare us over the next few days for an intimate experience with You. Daddy we release to You all the things that You never meant us to carry. We cast all our cares upon You, because we know that You care for us. Your word says that if You care for sparrows, we can know that You care that much more for us. So we give to You our hurts, resentments, disappointments, frustrations, doubts, fears, aggravations,confusions, anger, disillusionment, envy, and struggles to stand firm in Your Truth. We repent of these things. We give to You our uncertainty and we renounce complacency in our lives. We ask that any seeds of mediocrity that have been planted in this year we are leaving behind be uprooted and left behind as well.

Empty us of anything that has not been planted by Your loving hand and prepare the soil of our spirits to be filled by You in this upcoming year in a fresh new way.

We love You, Lord and we thank You for who You are and what You’ve already done and are in the process of doing in our lives. We worship You, Father and we come before Your throne in readiness to be filled anew.

Lord, we thank You and we praise You. We lay this prayer at Your feet.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

His Sweetheart

Prayer Request

I need some help you guys. I need as many people as possible praying with me this afternoon.

My office has agreed to fast lunch – which would that we will not eat until dinner time this evening. We are needing to see the Lord move in a very swift specific way for the transaction we are trying to finalize. Please pray with us that God’s Will be done, that His Provision be made, that every heart is obedient to His Will alone and that He deals with each of us personally regarding our conduct and our attitudes.

If you want, you can email me: .

His Sweetheart

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